Welcome to the Albert Asher Pearls website.

We have been providing the industry with exquisite pearls and jewelry pieces for decades, supplying the most prestigious jewelers and independent retailers.  Our versatile inventory of pearls can accommodate most of your requests.  Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, Golden or Freshwater pearls are selected and arranged to your specifications in our office.

Our 52 years of experience in the pearl market allows us to have control over the quality and value of pearls because of our long relationship with pearl farmers and processors all over the world.

Albert Asher Pearls is a member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA), American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA).  Albert Asher and Armand Asher have each led the Cultured Pearl Association of America over the years as its President.

Besides traditional pearl necklaces, we carry finished pearl jewelry pieces, some classical, others of contemporary and special designs, that truly make a statement when displayed on our customers.

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