Education: The World of Pearls Made Simple

Generally, there are four different kinds of pearls.

1. AKOYA – A term used to describe the Japanese cultured pearls usually measuring 3 – 10 millimeters and are produced mainly in the salt waters of Japan.

2. SOUTH SEA PEARLS – This refers to larger pearls grown in the South Pacific such as Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.  They run usually between 10 – 16 millimeters and their colors are primarily white, rosι, or golden.

3. TAHITIAN PEARLS – These pearls are produced in the Polynesian Islands and their natural colors can be from silver grey to dark green black and range in size from 8 – 16 millimeters.

4. FRESH WATER PEARLS – These are pearls that are grown in rivers and lakes chiefly in China.  Up until two years ago, they were off-shaped.  Recently, China improved the quality and variety of pearls to make them extremely desirable.  Now, we can supply round and unique shapes in a variety of colors to give designers a myriad of choices.

Lengths of necklaces have names.  They are:

1. CHOKER – 17” long, the most popular
2. MATINEE – 24” long
3. OPERA – 32” – 34” long, currently the most trendy

A note about our pearls:

All our pearls are cultured of natural color and carefully selected to meet the highest quality and value to the customer.

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